Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eventful, Always

It is 3:30 and the day is far from over, but much has transpired. I missed Caroline's early morning texts to me and so, missed meeting her for a last-walk-this-trip around Green Lake. The day is brilliant blue, cloudless, cold. Everything is reflecting a golden, no, an almost amber light.
Visited Dad today. He was happy to see me, but he was also sleepy. I asked if he'd like me to read from File Box #3 from the family archives. This box is filled with family letters from 1959-1977.
There are also a few random things in the box, one of which is an biographical essay that Dad wrote in 1934 as a freshman at Houghton College. It's quite a summary of his young life. Would that kids entering college today write as well. He asked me to read it aloud to him. I wonder what he thinks when he hears a piece like this, or a letter from one his children written some forty years ago. It may be too complicated a question to ask Dad now. He was happy to hear it, but as I looked for other items to read to him, his head dropped and he fell asleep.
My iPhone rang while I was with Dad and John gave me the news that Carrie was within an hour or two of delivering baby Rosemary.Wow! We will get to meet Rosemary at Thanksgiving dinner at John and Trish's.
Later this afternoon, Jeanne is taking Kelan to a Jeff Kinney book signing, popular blockbusting author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Lauren and I will be doing errands together that will include a visit to Ballard Market to buy frozen packages of Remlinger Farms handpicked rhubarb to stuff into my suitcase tomorrow. And so this last day in Seattle goes.

The BIG NEWS is that our extended family has grown by three in 2013. Carrie and Robbie just became proud new parents of Rosemary, who will join Ben and Audrey as members of our tribe's youngest generation. Wonderful news. Mother would have loved these new babies. Dad now has nine great grandchildren. Wish we could line these nine up with Dad for a picture before he isn't here anymore. Dad delights in these babies, loves and sees too little of his grandchildren and said a day ago  of his own three children, John, Kate and me, just how proud he is of us and our accomplishments. A pretty nice thing to hear.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I fly back to Houston to prepare the house for Caroline, Charlie and Lulu who will arrive early Saturday evening for a Thanksgiving visit. As I said, the days are eventful, always.

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