Monday, September 16, 2013

Roma, We Have Arrived

ES and I are just settling in to our five room apartment at the American Academy in Rome.  Five rooms? We have a place to be for six weeks. Simply open the door immediately across from the petite cage of an elevator to enter a hallway that connects five separate rooms. We have a real apartment. There's a second bedroom, so I am assuming this apartment is usually given to an Academy fellow with family in tow.
Earl has already claimed the table in the living room for watercolor work and I've set up the desk for writing space. Our suitcases are unpacked, clothes and multitudinous books put away and there are still several hours until dinner at 8:00 p.m.
High on a hill overlooking the city, I already sense that this is a very elegant place with its own internal life.  Directly across from our apartment windows is the main building and Earl pointed out the windows of his painting studio where he worked way back in 1981-82.

Florence seems far away now. And as Earl said, "Florence is where the Renaissance happened and the modern world began. We had to get that out of the way before coming to Rome." Well, we did and here we are.


And back in the USA, the Republicans have two weeks to defund Obamacare - or shut down the government. They are working unceasingly toward their goal, if I read the International Herald Tribune correctly this morning. Should they succeed, some thirty million Americans will suddenly be without health insurance. I notice they aren't talking about implementing any other sort of plan. So perhaps it's all for show and blow? And an opportunity to shut down our government?

I just read on-line that for the first time ever, an Indian-American was crowned Miss America. Apparently, the hate tweets are going though the roof - tweets comparing the newest Miss America to 'an Arab' and a terrorist. One tweet said the timing of this crowning was way off considering it was so close to 9/11. And lots of tweets that simply said, 'This is America.' Well, yes it is and in Houston alone, there are well over 80,000 Indian Americans.

I think I'll put USA news aside for the time being.

P.S. Lots more to write about our stay in Florence. Wifi inconsistent at our hotel, so will write about Florence in Rome.

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