Friday, August 16, 2013

Seattle Is Sensory Overload, In a Good Way

Two days? I cannot believe I've been in Seattle for just two days. Each hour has been so filled with daughters and grandchildren, visits with Dad, events and impressions, sun and rain and all those car trips from here to there and back again. Always moving, ever balancing, habitually making side trips to places like the UW bookstore (just to browse) or Weaver's Works (need more yarn?) or Ballard Market (must have organic kale, blueberries and frozen rhubarb.)
On Wednesday, Fitbit says I took 11,290 steps and climbed 26 staircases. (Jeanne does have a two story house which moves this meter.) I promised myself 10,000 steps a day in Seattle after a long hot summer of few walks. Houston's weather is oven-like and this summer, its air is ozone laden, filthy and makes one hoarse.
I planned a long post this morning, but I see it is already 9:26 a.m. and I need to get dress and head for Dad's place. Lunch with Caroline at 12:20 and then back to Jeanne's empty house where I can finish - possibly - this post, or play catch-up and begin another. The McGrady kids are enjoying their last day of day camp on Lake Washington and this morning, Jeanne reigns over her play group at the pre-school.
At 3:30, Lauren and I are off to Fred Meyer to buy watercolor paper for a collage project we will undertake while Kelan is at football practice. Perhaps by the very end of this day, I'll have uploaded photos of Kelan's ninth birthday party which deserves its own post as it was fraught with plans gone awry, all interspersed with moments of fairies, mishaps and pure joy.
There must have been some unsettling karma passing through. Onward to Dad's.

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