Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picnic Preparations

I tell myself every year that everything will be just fine, that it has always worked out. And every year, I fret until I've secured those two picnic tables - the ONLY two picnic tables - on that beautiful big hill in Discovery Park. Several days of fretting go on. And on. And on.
It's almost midnight and we've all done as much as can be done on the day before this sixth annual four-generation family picnic. I pick up Steve at 10:30 and we'll drive to the park where John will meet us to move that second table over near the table under that wonderful grove of pine trees. Then I'll attach signs to the tables that say 'Family Picnic HERE This Afternoon.'
I think I will also spread out the Mexican tablecloths and hang the plastic Day of the Dead banners among the trees. And then there is the cooler with ice and bottled water. So if all that stuff is set up and waiting by 11:30ish, I feel obliged to stay there and sort of guard the place. That makes a long four hours before the picnic actually begins. John can take Steve home and I have the feeling that I will begin to confer by iPhone with Mary and all the others who are bringing food and bocce balls and brisket and beverages and on and on.
Every year these pre-picnic hours are slightly different, with man trips from parking lot to picnic spot. But if I am stationary....  I hope to heaven that eveyrone brings all the things they said they bring. Thinking now I need a serving fork for the sliced brisket. There is always something.
Today was busy. In the morning I sorted picnic stuff in Jeanne's basement. Made sure that all the kites had unsnarled strings. I shopped for brisket roasting pans and assorted salad fixings, visited with Dad and then drove to Kate and Denny's with 15 pounds of beef brisket for a slow cook in their oven. That brisket should be done about now. Hope it's cooling on their kitchen counter.  Late this evening, I made salads here at Jeanne's and she and I made a gluten free black berry, peach and plum cobbler.
I am trying hard not to forget anything. I will be happy when it's 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and all the family and friends arrive with the food, chairs, blankets, wine, beer and whatever else they said they'd bring. Enough. To bed. It will be what it will be. BTW, the photo below is of Kelan in a field of tall grass in Discovery Park.

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