More 'Smitten' : Ceramic Heads From Caltagirone

Need I say one thing? Isn't it all self-evident? Why would I not covet these ceramic heads that serve as planters extraordinaire? They are crafted in Caltagirone, Sicily, a town whose pottery appears to have a surfeit of these life size heads covered with clusters of grapes or lemons, faces with eyes focused on the far-away, each one ready to be filled with flowers or green plants. Often the males appear as dark skinned Moors, a slice of Sicilian history.

How these speak to me and how I wish to add them to my dinner table, stuffed with bouquets or forsythia sprays. Way weirder and more wonderful than platters and plates I lusted after this morning.
And these ceramics seem to make their way into fashion accessories, fabrics and postage stamps. I will certainly be on the look out. Earl has just spoken from the other end of the table to tell me he can find no ceramic shops in Rome that appear to sell these planter heads. Perhaps they are not on all line? Or they are all in Florence or Naples?