Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Henna We Like

Jeanne invited me along when she and Lauren went to get henna tattoos yesterday. Something I've always wanted so these are the feet I'll be taking to Rome. I've wanted to try this for decades. Why have I waited so long?
Most of the crusty material has dropped off and now the pale henna will begin to turn dark terra cotta. Should go well with the colors of the city of Siena? Here's Jeanne's hand, which got semi-ruined during her roller girls derby practice last night. Can't be sweating under wrist pads. She may have to have her arm redone, once the smudged henna fades.
 And here is Lauren's dragon with purple glitter. Glitter only lasts as long as the crusty stuff stays on one's skin. It's not part of the henna dye. So were we are, three generations with a bit more pattern on our bodies than usual.

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