Friday, July 05, 2013

Fourth of July Morning Walk

Ozone layer is on RED alert today and yesterday. RED translates 'unhealthy'. Why am I walking out of doors?

It is early, sunny, warm, not yet hot.  Folks are walking their dogs. A yard man passes by with a full trailer of mowers, blowers and weed eaters. Lawn maintenance does not pause for July 4.

Blocks away, there is a weed eater already at work. Other sounds too. I hear a far-away power saw, air conditioning compressors, airplanes overhead and lots of doves. Other bird songs too. Wish I could identify song with bird.
I climb the stairsteps in our neighborhood Spurlock Park and see parents attend one small child in a swing. A block from the park two squirrels with mouths stuffed with pecans scurry across the sidewalk and up a tree trunk.

Vearing down another block, my walk takes me along the bayou. A fish jumps like hop scotch, hoping not to fall prey to a turtle or a larger fish? The water is almost motionless and styrofoam cups float and  on the surface and lodge along the shoreline.
For a second time, I climb the park steps. I hear a woodpecker. So many different bird songs this morning. On the bench at the top of the steps is someone's collection of stones, small bits of bark and half eaten pecans. Chosen, yet left.

I hear a runner's feet on the street behind me.

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