Friday, July 05, 2013

Another Morning Swallowed Up By FaceBook

It is just after twelve noon and I have frittered away the entire morning on Facebook, return emails and random blog posts. I will never finish the first draft of the book I am writing if I don't adhere to a more strict schedule. I am filled with new intentions and fueled with black coffee (but not too much to set the heart racing, just enough).
Add in semi-wasted evenings such as last night when we watched five episodes of The Good Wife. Instead of, perhaps, reading one of the multitudinous books stacked on either side of the bed and stuffed with information on Rome, Venice, Renaissance frescoes, Italian food and culture. And then there are those Donna Leon Venetian mystery stories. I still have several to read.
And then there is that pile of books and articles sitting by my laptop that beg for a blog post of their own. Here's some of the stuff in the pile:

1. A list of the ways that new legislation in the State of Texas will curb women's constitutional rights, even though the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist opposes the laws because they will jeopardize women's health by depriving access to safe reproductive health care. Hey, these new laws take away clinics that provide well woman exams, pre-natal care, contraception and PAP tests. It's not all about abortion, folks. All women's health clinics in Texas but five will be shut down by the new laws because only five can comply with Ambulatory Surgical Center guidelines that mandate hospital type operating room for abortions, even for non-surgical abortions. These new facility requirements for clinics are financially crushing and effectively shutter their doors. That's the point.
2. I received a postcard for the grand opening of another Watermill Express in our neighborhood. I've always thought that commerical water stations that dole out 'pure water' for a fee are a rip off. Many folks who live in my largely Hispanic neighborhood come from Mexico where botled water is routinely used because the public water supply is not safe for drinking. Accustomed to buying bottled water, they fall prey to Watermill Express 'crystal clear and affordable' message. The City of Houston provides all of us decent water to drink. I really wonder how different Watermill Express water is from tap water. I suspect that those who fill water bottles from Watermill Express probably have much better ways to spend their money.

3. An Outpatient Services Survey from Memorial Hermann with a return envelope. I'll attend to this.

4. Op-ed piece by Leonard Pitts, Jr. in which he asks, "Is America sustainable? Can a nation pulling so energetically in opposite direction survive?" Pitts received an email advocating CIVIL WAR. EVERY LIBERAL IN THIS COUNTRY SHOULD START LOSING SLEEP...THERE IS CLEAR REASON WE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH...". Pitts responds, "A nation is more than geography.  It is also common values, a common way of looking at the world - not that everyone agrees on everything always, but that we are at least tethered by similar understanding of who we are and what that means. It is that test this country fails now with regularity. We can't even agree on who we are anymore, so swamped are we by the rage red hold for blue." 

5. TO DO lists dating from March 2013. All over and done. I can throw these away.

6. A copy of Texas Monthly, February 2013 in which there is an op-ed piece titled 'Urban Cowboys' by Gregory Curtis. Charts the path that Texas has taken with Governor Rick Perry. Who knew it could be this bad? The paragraphs I excerpted deserve their own blog post, so read Texas Monthly Lays It Out: Texas Rural VS Urban Values on Rockbridge Times.

It is now 1:00 p.m. and I will turn to writing for what will become a book. It is my stated intention that you can order it in a year or two on Amazon. Hold me to it.

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