Sunday, June 30, 2013

Check Out Live Streaming Video: Best Way To See Rally for Texas Women

Remember, if you can't be in Austin tomorrow, do look for live streaming video of Monday's rally for women's reproductive rights. It will probably be live at The Texas Tribune. Be sure your phone's battery is well charged.
Cable and network news may not cover this rally, just as they did not cover Wendy Davis's filibuster in the Texas Senate last Tuesday evening. Here is a link with a map that shows where tweeting was happening during Wendy's filibuster.
150,000 people watched Wendy's filibuster live on streaming video. If you weren't on the Internet, you wouldn't have seen a thing about this dramatic turning point in the fight over women's continued legal rights to reproductive health care.
Stayed tuned with this link: and on Facebook and/or Twitter.
And here is another photo of my dear friend Martha Northington being hauled away from her seat in the Senate gallery. No comment, except to say you might Google her name.

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