Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show Goes On Even With Six Inches of Rain

Houston and Harris County were deluged with six inches of rain last evening. I knew it was a serious storm when just a dozen friends appeared during the first hour of The Raven Grill's reception for Encounters: Mary Margaret Hansen and Earl Staley Collage. We began to get reports of hail and flooding. There were phone calls from folks unable to leave their houses because cars couldn't make it through high water. One friend abandoned her car and walked back home during the storm. Incredibly a friend arrived from The Woodlands. I have no idea how she and her friend made their return trip.
(Photo credit: David Gray)
Houston needed this rain and the strength of it reminded me of what rain used to be like before we were overtaken by drought.  Feng Shui regards rain a blessing and signal of prosperity, so I am taking this downpour as a very good sign. But I sure did miss see all those friends who'd expected to be there.
Thanks to Sara and all the staff at Raven Grill for good eats and ever more glasses of wine for everyone who made it through the rain.
One very nice thing about a smaller crowd? There was time for real conversations. None of this minute and a half chat and then moving on. Great to see everyone who braved the wet and stormy weather.
(Photo credit: David Gray)
Nineteen of us sat down for dinner together just after 6:00. All in all, a very lovely evening, even though we also missed every single person who wasn't there.
(Photo Credit: David Gray)
One last thing - my magnificent necklace (which I was wearing for the first time) received as many or more comments than the collages. And from where did this necklace come? Pure Harwin Drive plastique. I love it and plan on wearing it often.
Do go by The Raven Grill, 1916 Bissonnet, to see Encounters: Mary Margaret Hansen and Earl Staley Collage through June 9.

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Anonymous said...

I do love your necklace too. It's quite a unique piece. Today, I told my colleague about your art show and how much I have adored your work throughout the years we have known each other. You are one of my true inspirations. Enjoy your fullest life :)..Poolsin