Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seattle, Here I Am

Too long between posts. Yesterday I arrived in Seattle to see grand kids, all three of my daughters and their partners, my 96 year old dad and my sister Kate and her family. There's a big tribe of family up here in the Pacific Northwest. Easy flight. I read and finished Robert Harris's historical novel "Pompeii," which ES bought second hand on-line. Hard to get off a plane after being immersed in a book for five hours. Took a moment of adjustment when coming down the escalator at baggage claim to zero in on the Kelan and Lauren's sign that read "Kelan and Lauren and Jeanne, Mameau!!!! Right here!!!" But within a moment, we were covering one another in hugs. Kelan is BIG.  His hands and arms look different, that is BIG. Lauren's hair is down to her waist. They are so growing up.
Dinner at Zazzie's, a local Italian restaurant with gluten free pizza.
Then home to the McGrady's where I have a tiny and private guest room with a comfortable bed. In bed by 9:30 Pacific time, but 11:30 Houston time. This morning, the kids and Jeanne have gone to school, Dan at work and soon I will head out to see Dad. This evening, I'll go to Kate's, see everyone and choose a couple of file boxes of old family letters and papers to share on my daily visits with Dad. Kate's house is now the repository for four generations of family papers, most recently filed and catalogued by Dad in the early 1990s. We have a true family archive.
Will check in with Caroline by phone today and hope to see Lulu and Charlie tomorrow, depending on their after school schedules.
And so it goes here in Seattle. Mary and Queta will drive up from Portland on Friday for the weekend and as they'll be staying at Jeanne's, I"ll move over to Caroline's. For years, I've called my visits to Seattle 'musical houses,' as I most often visit eac'musical beds'. And most often, family quality time too.

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