Saturday, April 27, 2013

Encounters: Mary Margaret Hansen and Earl Staley Collage @ Raven Grill

The day after we arrived in Terlingua last January, a blizzard swept into town. The guests staying at Mimi's La Posada Milagro, up the hill from our casita, were forced to change their travel plans because the town and indeed, most of West Texas and Big Bend were immobilized. ES and I got to meet those snowed-in guests in Mimi's living room and it turns out, two of them were the Rogers sisters, travelling with their families and friends. They recognized my name from decades ago when they and my three daughters attended Poe Elementary School.
Sara Rogers Cromie and her husband now operate The Raven Grill, a neighborhood cafe (as well as several other enterprises), and we spoke about showing our work there. Sara and I followed through on our casual conversation and this afternoon at 3:00, ES and I will greet friends and show off Encounters: Mary Margaret Hansen and Earl Staley Collage.
Last summer, ES taught me how to apply acrylic paint to canvas and what was possible using acrylic gel and Golden satin varnish. I'd always wanted to mix up my photo collages with fabrics and paint. With gel and varnish, one can do that.
All last fall and right through the Christmas holidays, ES went on a tear painting small works that he called 'bouquets' and 'stripes.' We've put both of our collages together to make a show. Very different work, but I guess the two of us and the word 'collage' hold it all together.
We installed at Raven Grill yesterday and went back again this morning to rehang a wall of ES's small collages. Last night we agreed that they were hung too tightly and they'd lost their bounce. These little paintings need to burst out from the wall as a bouquet might burst from its vase.
In two hours, we'll be ready to greet friends and have a very good time.
Show is up through June 9.

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