Sunday, March 03, 2013

Over-Medicated and Self-Medicated = A Mess

What a week. What a month. I am sure that a ridiculous lack of sleep led to an atrial fib episode two weeks ago. Wildly fluctuating blood pressure led to a change of medications.  I have to say my cardiologist is on it. Spoke with her twice last week.
A lack of communication with my sleep doctor led me to try two 'sleep' medicines that, coupled with a foray into gluten-heavy foods, made last week a hell of body aches, stiffness, lack of balance and overwhelming malaise.
As during the weeks following the ablation procedure, I am cancelling appointments, meetings, lunches and fun events to stay at home and do little or nothing.  When I do leave the house, I schedule only one or two things. More and I am wiped out. I avoid public events, speech making and any meetings that require decisions.
Meds are totally slowing me down. I am so tired of pushing against a heavy head and body aches, all while experiencing an appallingly low energy level. Clearing out the dishwasher is a big deal. My bed doesn't get made. At least, I've been scanning a series of bl/wh negs from the 1980s,  but it's hard to collage and my brain usually can't be herded through a writing expedition.
Add medications and their interactions with a complete lack of coffee and tea - and even pills for headaches, because they harbor caffeine - and it is an effort of will to do anything, anything at all.
It's not like last November and December when I tired easily and took to my bed for two hour naps. Now, daytime lying in bed produces nothing but frustration.  I loved those two hour naps. Naps are productive and healthy. However, sleep is not my forte.
I've kept a log of the last two weeks filled with a half dozen blood pressure readings a day, lists of medications taken, hours of sleep. I faxed this windfall of information in batches to my cardiologist and sleep doctor.
I so want some coordination between them. I heard last Friday they would indeed consult about a new sleep medication that works with the rest of my pharmacy. I hope they talk soon. Life is finite and I hate to dither away day after day.
Enough said.

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