Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nuclear Stress Test and Small Rewards

Who would have thought I'd be semi-thrilled today to get a Withing blood pressure monitor in the mail  that plugs into my iPhone? It takes readings, keeps a running record and can be forwarded to a doctor.  I've been checking my blood pressure 3-4 times a day for awhile now and last week, I read in AARP magazine that there are apps for monitoring blood pressure. The Withing app was free and I could have input tons of data, but since I travel, I thought it might be nice to order their arm cuff. Well, it's here. I read the instructions and took my blood pressure at the kitchen table. I already love it already. MM's medical equipment toy.
At 8:00 a.m. this morning, I had a nuclear stress test at UT Cardiology. This on top of wearing a 30-day monitor. All because I've had a rocky 4-6 weeks. Felt that I may have experienced atrial fib about half dozen times. The heart monitor is showing this is not so, so I am very curious about incidents when I feel irregularities and immediately feel over drugged with my energy drained away. This happened last  Saturday afternoon when I was working in my studio. Within 30 minutes, I took to my bed, wiped out with arms and chest aching. Then suddenly after 6:00 p.m., I began an animated visit with ES and he said, "You've back." And I was. No longer flat. What is going on?
The nuclear stress test was far easier than the eco-stress test I had several years ago, when I was breathless and sweating. I never even got totally up to speed. This test must be for folks who really have heart disease? I don't think I do. I just have strange electrical patterns.
I see my cardiologist next Monday for updates and test results. In the meantime, I've had three great days in a row. Meaning, I have my old self back, with enough mental energy to think about ordering the masses of pages for 'Memoir II.'  Now that is energy. I haven't been up to it since mid-January.
I just emptied the dining room table of its laptop and paper piles and will commence the first real attempt to create a narrative from that stack of writing. And it's just 2:00 p.m.
Oh, happy day.
For months, I thought I was over medicated or drugs were interacting weirdly. I am almost sure something like this is happening. I cut out the Lunesta three nights ago and am winging it on Clonazapam. No hangover. Spaced all other meds out over the whole day, so I don't have  a total morning wipe-out. I think it's working. Gone are the listless mornings and I can think and think creatively too. Hurray. Maybe most of this last month has been about drugs?

I went to Trader Joe's for a couple of bags of chocolate covered potato chips.  I've eaten one bag already. And then, as Trader Joe's is so near Dunlavy, I visited The Guild Shop. Yup, found a vintage bowl for fruit salads. I love it.

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