Studio Rehabilitated

Studio is almost ready for new work. I've been sorting and organizing on and off for two weeks. I make such a mess of the place, covering every inch of the floor with bits of fabric and hundreds of photos. I walk gently among them. But now, all surfaces are cleared and washed or swept.
Simply going through 'stuff' gave me wonderful new ideas to pursue for collages on paper, with words and a rubber stamp alphabet, with old bl/wh photos, paint, fabrics, labels and tags. Pieces to be framed or not, to be copied perhaps and sold in multiples.
I reorganized the built in shelves. Some bins are filled with finished work, others have collages that need repair from the ravages of humidity. I am going to buy a dehumidifier for the studio. Its dampness is not good. Those yellow Kodak boxes of photos still need to be straightened but otherwise, that wall is done.
Two final tasks and I'll have created two more work surfaces. I want to move a stash of 'more fabric yardage than I care to count' from studio to Caroline's French armoire. The armoire is at present in my brother's warehouse after its trip from Seattle. The final leg of the armoire's journey will be to my guest bedroom.
Moving those plastic tubs filled with fabrics will empty two of four studio shelves. Right now they are covering a wonderful wall of green corrugated metal. I'll loan the shelves to ES and that newly open patch of green metal wall can be used for affixing works in progress.
Then, when the weather warms again, which could be any day, I intend to wash and paint a long table that Beth Wray's father gave me. It'll provide another good work surface. The table's been wrapped in plastic, in my carport since November. So has the can of green paint.
Space almost ready. I could actually work on that table under the window right now.


Sharon said…
Wow. You have a glorious space where you can create and work. I clean a space the same way ~ tear the place apart so I can put it back together in a way that works for me.