Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Decent Night's Sleep Leads To Plans For Open Studio

Awake at 7:00 a.m. this morning without a sore neck or an aching head. Love my new pillow and think it's making a difference. It has shapes cut out of each side, so one can sleep on a cheek and the sleep apnea mask falls into a hollow.  No more dislodging and readjusting the mask in the middle of the night, a task that needs a certain level of consciousness, thoughtfulness and which always totally wakes me up.  I am still sleeping only 2-4 hours at a time and then open my eyes in the dark, invariably thinking I've slept at least seven hours. Always disheartened when the clock shows otherwise, because then once again, I have get into the 'trying to go to sleep' mode.
Sleep troubles run in my family. My mother kept a transistor radio under her pillow for white noise and late night talk shows.  My father's mother was known to be a true insomniac. She seemed helpless, even with drugs, to counteract those dark sleepless nights.  It's not fun to be sleepless. One begins to spend time reorganizing the next day, allowing for fatigue and a headache, adjusting the next day's schedule in order to sleep 'in', worrying about tasks that will remain undone. Enough.
I appear to have had a decent night's sleep and this morning, I am filled with surging energy and wordsmithing.
Text is tumbling out, ideas are flowing. I feel my mind organizing for the next big thing, which is - I'll announce it right here - an open studio sale on the first weekend in May. My house and studio and space in two East End warehouses are all overflowing with things I love, but which can/should be sent out into the world.
There's a ton of stuff in my domain that can be shared and sold. There are photo collages from 'Purse Stories' and 'Shoreline', exhibited at FotoFest in 2000 and 2004.

There are more than enough collages and images from 'la folie' in Marfa, 2005.
I treasure a trove of painted plates, baroque vintage bowls and urns, vases and candlesticks, all collected for 'Second Seating' in 2009. But it's high time this wondrous stuff found new surroundings.
Then there is the series of collages made last summer after that trip to Paris. And there are the trio created for Mother Dog Studio's 'Bird Brains' for last November's Art Crawl.
And collages made for Houston Press 2013 Artopia. Add in a life time of black/white photographs and collages, one of a kind cards and a series of small story books. 

Shall I add in two pairs of embroidered boots I bought in Istanbul and Seattle and have never, ever worn? They're decorative. They'd go with the Second Seating collection.
Remember that four part screen I built - all my myself - in 1987 and covered with hand colored images of lily leaves - I am rehabilitating it, which means regluing the images that humidity has loosened. It's a terrific screen and deserves to be in some one's home instead of a musty warehouse. I will scan the original slide soon and publish it here.
So, you see, there is lots of good stuff and if all goes as planned, this good stuff will go out into the world on the first weekend in May.  Prepare to be invited, prepare to see friends and meet new folks. Prepare to drink sangria, eat Mexican wedding cookies and most of all, prepare to satisfy your longings for uncovering, discovering, recovering a treasure, or two or three.
All this, after a decent night's sleep. You see what happens with a spurt of energy?

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