And The Beat Goes On

My heart is still mending. It's been 90 days since the atrial fib ablation procedure and I am half way through the six month process my doctor assured me would follow those five hours on a cold metal table. That's when my irregular heart beat was being tracked to the very sources of electrical misfiring, to be burned away so brand new pathways can form.
Yesterday my doctor, her resident and I discussed my situation. I explained my devastation over a full blown atrial fib incident two Sundays ago. When it happened, I thought I'd ruined the entire procedure. Approximately four ounces of coffee at 11:00 a.m. did me in. I'll have no coffee for a long, long time. Nor wine. I'll stick to hot lemon water.
I took a risk drinking that bit of coffee and my heart responded. And maybe that's OK, because it's keeping me on meds for two more months and as I see it, my heart has longer to rebuild before it goes it alone. I'm looking at it that way.
My skin continues to be smooth, blotch free, itch free, burning-from-the-inside-free. Dr. Luk, thanks for explaining how this could happen after a heart procedure.  My heart is no longer on fire and it is no longer burning metal. That would be my skin.
Hurray. The beat goes on.