Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Afternoon In the Studio

The studio is tidied and today I found myself there, ready to paint the first coats on a few canvases and then became enamoured of a length of water damaged embroidered linen fabric salvaged from Hurricane Ike. One never knows quite what will happen when work begins. I cut and laid pieces of this fabric on two canvases, securing them with acrylic gel. Had enough scraps left over to cover portions of a yet-to-be-purchased canvas. Think I'll stitch these scraps together and leave threads hanging, which will add 'lines' and texture to the piece.
This new group makes a nice triptych and, though I'll sleep on it,  I think two of the three are ready for images to be glued down. The final version of the collage in the middle eludes me. Here's a detail of that middle collage. I like this version, but I think it really needs that square of Chinese red paper that I laid down originally. I'll figure it out.
It was a very good day, as I also painted first coats on half dozen smaller canvases, getting ready to work with images from Terlingua and Big Bend. Nothing like a potential deadline, i.e. exhibition, to get me going. And today, it was easier than writing. 
On Monday morning, I sat down to write, to begin the task of bringing order to the anecdotes written over a year's time. I'd already printed everything, making copies of each page so I can cut and paste, creating, at last, the beginnings of a narrative. It wasn't long before I was overwhelmed with the quantity of anecdotes to be strung into a so-called coherent narrative. Thus, a turn in the studio to free associate and procrastinate in a good way.
Now off for a healthy walk and then on to a continuing studies class at Rice U on the Medici family. Then home in time to hear Obama's State of the Union Address to Congress. Then bed and sleep?

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