Inauguration Day 2013

Good job, Mr. President. Your address to the nation was broad ranging and sure, you noted the civil rights movements for women, blacks and gays. You spoke of climate change and community. You did not speak of collaboration with Republicans. You tried that your first term and it failed, awfully.
I loved that you looked back at the crowd as you exited back into the Capitol, saying "I will not see it this way again." May that gaze of yours over the scene of tens of thousands of Americans inspire you to take the steps we need you to take during your second term to secure us a future.
Michelle is fabulous. And so are your daughters. You give us a magnificent first family. I have to mention Michelle's magenta kid gloves. Perfect. As we're her green gloves four years ago. She is fashion perfect in a very American way. We need that too.
As you and Michelle walked down Pennsylvania Avenue I was teary eyed, thinking how great and gracious you and she appeared, at the same time realizing that in this land of the free, you must be always surrounded by heavy security. You are not as free as we. That reality is gruesome.
May you have the courage and strength to work mightily on our behalf. We'll be there to support you every step of the way.