Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collages: Paris Texas Connection

Houston Press Artopia 2013 gave me a reason to make ever more collages. And all these recent and new collages combine paint, fabric and photo images on one surface. Acrylic gel and Golden's spray matte varnish allow me to get what I see in my head on to a canvas. Something I've wanted to achieve for at least twenty years and didn't know what products to use. Thank you ES, for giving me a shove.
Last summer, ES showed me how to apply acrylic paints to a surface and I still count on him when I get stuck putting one color over another. I've spent several afternoons for each of the last few weeks on the floor of my studio with photographs spread all over the floor. I mix and match until a composite image appears. Often the collages are simple like this one with a scrap of flowered batiste, parts of two photos and a strip of velveteen. It's called 'Dreaming of Versailles At My Kitchen Table.'
Other collages are far more intricate, using many photos and bits of fabric. I titled the collage below 'Too Many Flowers, Too Little Time' because there were hundreds, if not thousands of tourists taking photographs at Giverney. There was not a blossom unphotographed. What would Monet have said about the incessant taking of digital images?
Here are a few more that I showed last night at Artopia 2013. Most are 11 x 14 and filled with images of Paris, except for that long horizontal collage. It's pure Houston Tex-Mex.
I'll write another post about Artopia itself. It was as I expected. Most of the artwork on display was back drop for 20-somethings mixing and mingling while continuously texting. The bands were thunderous, the food was sparse and very few folks actually spent time much looking at the stuff on the walls.
Nevertheless, I loved making these collages and my next step forward is to begin adding text to each collage. Then I'll have what I've wanted for years. Collages are/will be ready to become pages in a book or two.  This last collage is titled 'Giverny Without Tourists.'  More about Artopia 2013 in the next post.
Here is a preview picture of Saturday evening's party at Winter Street Studios. For me, it was all about the shoes.

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