Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Photos Found

Old photos are irresistible. I've been poking around the family scrapbooks again for Dad and found these images. Love them. Here's my grandparents Lewell and Shirley Thompson and Uncle Leon. Funny how profile photos of me so look like my grandmother. I am stunned seeing this photograph.
 Does this look like me too? I think it may. I'll find the match. More and more these days, I look at my brother and sister and think I am looking in a mirror.
 Here is Gramma' dining room. There is a special meal on the table. I own that orange bowl on the far right. She bought it from the Beehive store in Watertown where she was a salesclerk after she retired from teaching. She worked there to gain Social Security. The bowl is so garish that it is wonderful.
 And this is the windward side of Aruba, the place where I grew up. Love this island. It's still home though I've not visited since 1989.
 Here's Rodgers Beach where we swam. Lay out on the end of that dock for a tan. A beautiful lagoon where I learned to swim and dive back in the 1950s.
 And here's Mom on a family picnic under a palapa, probably at Eagle Beach. Those were the days.
Lulu and Charlie are up now and we'll deposit them both for a play date. Then Caroline and I are off to the Seattle Art Museum. This afternoon, Jeanne and I are going to shop for her Christmas gift. All good. Hurray.

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Rusty Mujer said...

Wonderful photos and absolutely love the shot of Doris under the palapa - I can almost hear her laugh.