Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dark, Rainy, Cold Sunday Morning

Had I known how dark, rainy, cold, muddy and wet Seattle would be this holiday season, I'd have worn my chartreuse Wellington's on the plane in preparation for each day's downpour. Usually rain in Seattle is soft mist, wet, but certainly not those torrential Texas downpours. One gets by without an umbrella and quickly understands why hoodies are ubiquitous.
This holiday season is different. It rains every day, forget the mist. I use an umbrella, my boot soles are sodden and I am am tired of stepping through mud puddles. Just looked out my bedroom window and it is grey and raining. Again.
There have been three mid-afternoon moments when the sky clears and becomes brilliant blue. The sun is blinding for an hour or two and then the clouds roll in and the rains begin. My girls tell me this constant rain is unusual and quite frankly, I don't remember other Seattle Christmas visits as continuously wet.
I guess we should be thankful it isn't cold enough to freeze all this wet, rendering hilly streets impossibly icy.
Here's a photo of grim and cold Green Lake. Where are my chartreuse Wellington's when I need them? I imagine they'd be the only spot of color in this landscape.

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