Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost Thanksgiving

How lovely it is to write a blog post on the screen porch. Weather is mellow, light is golden. I just returned from an acupuncture appointment with Dr. Ray Luk, that wonderful doctor I've seen for one reason and another since 1987. I made appointments with him for three weeks in a row before my atrial fib procedure. He said he'd strengthen all my internal organs, so they'd better withstand the trauma of the procedure. My words, not his. Today was a post-procedure strengthening session. Again, my words.
Mary and Queta should be returning soon. We'll have supper this evening with one of Queta's friends from her Shell days. It is so pleasant on this porch that it is possible we could eat here. Perhaps?
Wonderful days with Mary B and Queta in Houston. They are loving the sun and clear skies. Lots of healthy food preparation going on every day. None of us are eating gluten. Some of us are not eating chilies or nightshade vegetables or corn or dairy either. 
The food we prepare is really good. Chicken with lemon and figs; kale salads, fresh beets with mustard marinade,  asparagus with shallots.  And then there is that smoked turkey we've been noshing on all week. 
John, Trish, Carrie and Rob joined us all for a family supper on Sunday evening. I ordered a deep chocolate cake from Rosie Garcia at La Victoria Bakery with an inscription in gold "Here's to family. Lots of love." Her chocolate frosting is rich and real that it kept us up half the night. 

Friday evening Sally was here to share that lemon chicken. Tomorrow evening we'll see James and meet HaNa, both of whom will have just arrived from Seattle. And then there is Thanksgiving Day at John's. We are following in Mom's footsteps - cook a lot of good food and spend a lot of time around the family table.
Sunday evening turned into one of those traditional meals that Mom and Dad used to host when talk turns to story telling. We spoke about growing up in Aruba, about being the principal's kids, hearing school gossip at the dinner table and never, ever, repeating a word of it. Carrie told tales about being a duplex landlord.
Mary even captured a 17 minute audio segment on my iPhone. We were into it.
Life is good on Rockbridge. There are great struggles and troubles in this world (at the moment, Israel and Palestine and Syria stand out), but here in this house, there is love and peace and Thanksgiving.
With love to all the rest of the family, near and far, to friends and to those who may need a wing and a prayer.

And yes, I will finishing writing about my hospital experience with atrial fib. I'm only half way through that saga. Look for more.

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