Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Mix of Mary and Queta and Ablation Recovery

Mary B and Queta arrived in Houston at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday from Portland. Wonderful to have them ensconced in the east wing of this house. They've begun a round of visits with family and friends - John and Trish, Sally, Carrie and Robbie, Elizabeth, Matteo and Manuel. We've piled on my bed several times for meandering conversations and orange cat Farrell is inevitably in the middle of it all.
Mary and Queta filled my refrigerator with even more fresh vegetables than were already there - lots of kale and squashes, plus gluten free bread. And thanks to Mary and Queta, an Amana smoked turkey arrived on my door step via UPS, so we'll nosh on that all week long.
Must say that throughout these days, my energy level is consistently low and I crater quickly. That ablation procedure, the anesthesia and perhaps new drugs are taking a toll. I expected this to happen, but I wonder how many weeks this will go on? I find I abruptly take my leave from wherever I find myself and head for home and bed. On Wednesday evening, we stopped by John and Trish's to pick up an extra car. Decided on supper at Goode's Seafood and took Trish with us. After ordering, I found the place overwhelmingly noisy.  My whole body felt under vibratory siege, so I paid the tab and left all three at the bar eating campechanas, grilled asparagus and oysters Rockefeller. Home and bed was the place for me.
On Thursday I left a Greater East End Management District board meeting before they adjourned, again to come home to bed. Yesterday I was in and out of bed all day.  Energy comes in spurts and lasts only an hour or two.
Earl arrived last evening with flowers and champagne. Sweet man. He was anticipating supper around the table, but I'd sent Mary and Queta off to visit with Elizabeth and once again, took to my bed.
This morning Poli and his crew arrive for work in the back garden and ravine. I'll be out there with a 'to do' list and then I am sure I'll go back to bed. So it goes.
I am delighted that Mary and Queta are here. It is wonderful and we are getting in a lot of visiting time. I'm just not 'hitting the town' with them. That's OK.

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