Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time Goes By Features Rockbridge Times

Rockbridge Times gets a mention as a Featured ElderBlogger on Ronnie Bennett's Time Goes By. I first learned about Ronnie Bennett in an article about BlogHer, that terrific women's blog conference that happens every summer. She'd been a speaker at BlogHer. I began to follow her blog as I experimented with mine.
The summer of 2007, I flew to Chicago to attend BlogHer and I was hooked. There were 850 women at the conference, all writing on-line about the things on which they were passionate. Politics, food, fashion, motherhood, technology, photography, social justice, lifestyle, aging. You name it. There are women bloggers writing about it.
Incidentally, Twitter was brand new that year and I met only one blogger who was using it. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to tweet about 'where I am' minute by minute. What did we know? Twitter is much more versatile than we dreamed.
Take a look at Times Goes By. Elder bloggers tell it like it is.

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