Monday, October 01, 2012

Remember? I Used to Crochet

In two weeks, ES and I will fly to Charlottesville, Virginia. He and another artist friend from back in the day will have an exhibition of recent collages. I expect a fun weekend in Charlottesville and I also expect autumn chill.
What to wear when seasons are transitioning? I thought about my multitudinous crochet pieces. Perfect? Maybe.
I am searching through boxes of them and decided I'd also take a search through CDs filled with crochet images. It's been really nice to see so many once again, because the work is beautiful. I crocheted constantly, unceasingly for five years. Why did I crochet?  So much? Check this link for answers. Much of the work has been sold and I hope each piece is being worn again and again.
I have to say that the women who modeled these freeform crochet pieces are beautiful too. Wondrous women, each and all. Take a look.
If you or your friends are interested in hosting a trunk show, please let me know. I have one or two each year. They're fun and easy to set up and I love seeing women buy the perfect piece for them. It happens every time.

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