Is There Meaning In All These Piles?

Cat got me out of bed at 5:00 a.m. this morning, so I decided to 'do something' with the paper piles stacking up in my kitchen on counters and chairs and half of the kitchen table. Enough. The back story is that ten days ago, I made a similar purge, but paper just keeps returning. Admittedly, I am a saver. I still clip articles from newspapers and magazines. I hold on to correspondence. It gets messy.
This week I also began clearing and reorganizing 'stuff' in my guest bedroom, so at the moment, all surfaces are covered with sorted and unsorted piles. BTW, on those shelves, I have 50 years of negatives in those folders, envelopes and notebooks. I'm sorting the negatives too. Mary B and Queta are coming to Houston for Thanksgiving. That makes a deadline for this clearing.
Yes, I did throw a lot of paper into recycling this morning, but I saved paper too. Here is some of what I saved in a new pile. Maybe if I list these random items, I'll figure out what to do with them? I'll also take suggestions:
1.  A couple of times each year, I get an ad from Pella Window and Door Replacement. Save 33% on all windows and doors. I've wanted to replace my old fashioned casement windows since 1993, when I moved into this house. Especially in my bedroom. I invariably save the Pella ad until the next one arrives. Perhaps I should simply go on-line and bookmark Pella home page? Done.
2.  Received my membership renewal for the Museum Fine Arts, Houston. I've been a member of the museum since 1970. Surely I should renew my family membership? ES is a lifetime member, so I can use his membership card anytime. But when the girls come home to Houston, they invariably go to the museum with my family membership card. Can they use ES's card? Who knows. Do I want to renew  MFAH, because it is a part of what I do and who I am? I'll give more thought to this.
3. I just ordered cedar oil to spray into my closets and drawers because moths eat everything. Always have. Shall I save the page with instructions for using essential oils? I think not. I will follow instructions on the bottle when I go after those closets and drawers.
4. My Congressman Gene Green sent a voting reminder with a list of good Democratic state candidates. One can't know all the judges, so I need this list as well as two other candidate recommendations from the Houston Chronicle.
5. When sorting through Second Seating files, I found Modelle's spread sheet listing folks who loaned me vintage table linens. I worry that all has not been returned. Actually, Susan Leiberman's linen table cloth is safe in its plastic wrap in my coat closet. She and I know where it is. I email Susan periodically about this tablecloth and she answers. I think I will refile this spread sheet and quit worrying about loose ends.
6. I tore out a Houston Press review of Lovely Lucy, an Ethiopian restaurant off 59 and Hillcroft. If I throw the review away, will I remember the name of this place? I'll toss it and search on-line if ever in the mood for local Ethiopian food.
7. Saved a NYT review of WIGS, online programming for and about women. Short series featuring performers like Jennifer Beals and Marta Kauffman. WIGS is getting good press. Is this another item I need to bookmark right away?
8. My friend Sally's son married Hana over Labor Day weekend. I sent them dinnerware from Crate and Barrel and they sent me photos of the wedding. I love these pictures and they will go into the armoire with thousands of other extended family and friends photos. The armoire promises to be a huge sorting and organizing job for some future time.
9. Saved a NYT ad for a Salvatore Ferragamo velvet embroidered handbag for $1,950. Now that I've seen it on-line, I don't need to dream about this one at all. Or even travel out to Harwin drive to search for a knockoff.
10. I will put a political cartton of Mitt Romney on my refrigerator door. He's dressed as Merry Mittoinette and the caption reads, "That 47 Percent? Let them eat cake!" I could also put this cartoon in Antonia Frasier's bio of Marie Antoinette. Choices.
11. Have a movie review of Lee Daniels new film The Paperboy. This movie, I really don't want to miss.
12. Will we buy tickets for the Ensemble Theater's The Nacirema Society? Got a great review in the Houston Press. Play runs through October 21. I suddenly realize that this means this very weekend. Ok, I went on-line and bought two senior tickets for Saturday. Shall I save the review for ES to read? Maybe not.
13. I will save a Houston Chronicle editoral endorsing judges for Appellate courts.
14. Houston Chronicle editorial titled 'Jump-starting jobs, A Department of Labor grant puts ex-offender to work in Houston'.  If you've read Michelle Alexander's  The New Jim Crow, you know that jobs are often denied ex-inmates. I'll file the editorial in the book itself.
15. Saved an opinion piece by Leonard Pitts, Jr. in which he writes about a bumper sticker that reads, '2012 Don't Re-Nig.' I understand there is also a tee-shirt that reads, 'Let's put white back in the White House.' After Obama became president, racist comments were suddenly OK again. After decades of folks being politically correct. Seems this old hate never really went away. It just went underground  Fear and anger is so great these days that racist remarks just bubble up like a hot tea kettle. I'll file that op-ed in The New Jim Crow too.
Note to President Obama: Good debate last night. Thanks for talking about contraception and Planned Parenthood. Good marks for calling Romney on some of his outright misstatements.
Guess you get the idea that it takes me forever to go through paper piles, but kitchen surfaces are now divested of paper and I am going back to sorting negatives. Gotta get that guest room ready for company.


Sharon said…
I always tear a room apart before I can put it "right." There is something rewarding about seeing order where there was chaos. These days the chaos flows from one room to the next for days before everything is cleaned, cleared, and back the way it belongs. Carry on!
Sounds as if you could write a new version of the classic organizing book, "Getting Things Done". Keep up the good work!
MMH said…
I am a terrible organizer, really. This is an effort of will. I've completed 95% of the work in the guestroom. Will be posting a new photo of the results. The rest of the house? More piles of newspapers. I need to temporarily halt my subscriptions. Thank god, I'm not taking The New Yorker anymore. I'd be up to my knees in stuff to read.