Monday, October 01, 2012

Blue Sky Monday and I Love My Garden

Cloudless blue sky and it's cool. Is autumn here? It's October 1. A front moved through Houston over the weekend. Rain on Saturday and Sunday, windy, a damp chill in the air. But this morning? A perfect day. I am loving the garden. I am lucky enough to have a new gardener who seems to know just what to do with each plants and tree. He appeared because I asked friends for recommendations. Good move. And thank you so much. All of a sudden my garden looks tended and cared about.
Had a second adjustment on my back this a.m. so the effects of trying to lift that over large, over heavy monitor last week are almost history. Today I delivered those ancient computers and the over heavy monitor to an Old Macs Heaven for proper disposal. I have a lot more room in a closet now. Though I do need to continue working in that closet because I could get rid of so much more. Mary and Queta are flying in from Portland for Thanksgiving, so I have a real deadline for clutter clearing. September horoscope says it's my time for clearing, so I'm right on schedule.
How is this for a cat photo in the great outdoors? Sky is darkening. I am ensconced in my quite wonderful screen porch. Can really hear freeway traffic this evening and there's a train passing through the neighborhood too. And hey, a plane overhead just left Hobby Airport.  My screen porch is peaceful even with sound effects.
I spent the afternoon in my studio gluing/gelling bits and pieces down on canvases. I think I may have finished five collages. They're the pieces I assembled over the weekend and about which I blogged a couple of days ago. And hey, I found a big box of 4 x 6 color photos this afternoon and I've began to sort through them. Endless possibilities. I can probably make at least 100 collages with the photos in this box.
Wonderful banana tree near the steps leading down into the ravine. Before his house sold on Hickory, ES dug up clumps of banana trees from the property and replanted them in the back garden. I'd say there's at least one that is pretty terrific.

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