Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog As Index?

Just happened this morning. I used my blog as a reference, as an index to a remembered event. What I remembered and photographed were swarms of grackles at sunset near Gulfgate Center. And when was this? Years ago. I was probably still working, as in full time job. Perhaps I was going for a supper of Chinese take-out?

And perhaps because I was stopped for a red light, I rolled down my car window and pulled out my camera, because I love the sound and sight of grackles at sunset on a winter's day.
This is what I remember and I found the 2007 blog post.
I need the photos I took as I want to make a trio of grackle collages for the 'Bird Brains' exhibition at Mother Dog Studios. Collages are due by this Sunday afternoon at the latest. I've been thinking and working on collages for a week now, but I really don't do birds. I have few if any bird images in my photo and negative archives.
And you know - if you've been reading this blog lately -  that I've been clearing clutter in my guest bedroom for a week. That means that I am sorting through 50 years of negatives and contact sheets, ordering and organizing them. I've found few if any bird images, though a number of bird baths. I like bird baths.
But grackles are a different matter. I love grackles because they swarm in Houston at sunset, as days turn cooler and winter comes. These birds gather by the hundreds, no, probably by thousands, for raucous chatter and then they leave. I love their chatter, which sounds like grating wheels of machinery. They dip and swoop and land on ground or tree branches or electric posts and lines. They can cover a tree so that one does not see leaves at all. When gathered on electric lines, they look like notes on a sheet of music. If the music were played, would it sound like grackles? Would it sound like a bit of John Cage's music?
No matter. My blog told me I'd written the post on December 5, 2007. That sent me to my stacks of CDs where I've backed up thousands of photos. Indeed, I found December 2007 and grackles was written on the CD. Sometimes, my filing methods work. I have 35 images of grackles on electric lines at Gulfgate.
Harder to order matte finish wallet size photos though. Wolfe Ritz Camera is out of business and reopening under new management on November 1. On to Snapfish on-line. They offer local store pick-up service. I got to choose between Walgreen's which does not print matte photos or Walmart which does print matte photos. I am overcoming my aversion to Walmart and the family folks in Benton, Arkansas, in order to obtain wallet size matte photos of birds. Wouldn't do it if I weren't on a tight schedule for 'Bird Brains'.
So, there you have the story. Blog as index for life events.  And crossing the line at the new Walmart at 111 Yale St.

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