Street Traffic in Seattle - Why So Much?

I have never experienced such overwhelming traffic in Seattle as on this trip. What used to be a 25 minute drive to Dad's adult family home now takes 40 minutes. It really doesn't matter whom I am visiting. I have to leave Magnolia and that is now taking additional time. At almost every hour of the day, traffic is backed up from Chinook's and Fisherman's Wharf all the way to the Ballard bridge. Many mornings, lanes on the bridge are reduced to one each way.
Then there is usually another jam on the way to the Freemont Bridge. Continuous streams of single lane traffic. I don't remember so many single lanes on major throughfares. The bike lanes are wide. Is that it? And there are plenty of cyclists and pedestrians to watch out for because they all have right-of-way.
There is another snarl at Northgate Mall. Again, single lane traffic while they upgrade the street. New curbs and who knows what else.
On my way back from Dad's to Jeanne's a few days ago, I waited through four lights and 10 minutes before turning left on Aurora. Unheard of. Then I learned yesterday that the city is reconstructing 85th St NW. That major cross town street is also down to one lane and I drove it westward from I-5 to 3d Avenue.
Small in-between streets are jammed with parked cars as usual. Makes for more one lane traffic and if a car comes from the opposite direction, one of us must pull in and wait for the other to pass.
It's become time consuming and not at all fun to drive from one house to another. Is worsening traffic here to stay?