Saturday in Sunny Seattle

It's Saturday and countdown time 'til our fourth annual 4th generation family picnic in Discovery Park. Two briskets are cooking in a 200 degree oven and Kate has the blackberry cobbler ingredients out and ready to mix together later today. Here's the view from the hill where we'll gather tomorrow.
Actually, what is taking precedence right now are the kids' games. Saturday is game day for all four grandchildren.
Charlie and Lulu are both on soccer teams. Lulu had a morning game and Caroline has already posted a  photo of her on Facebook. She's in uniform and jumping over (over???) the ball. She looks in very high spirits.
Kelan has a football game at 2:00 and one of the dad coach and family will pick him up in a few minutes for the ride over to a West Seattle stadium.
Right at this moment, Jeanne is in the middle of a Rat City Roller Girls practice. After her practice, she'll over to Kelan's game. At 2:00 I'll take Lauren to her soccer game in Ballard. And Dan? He's off on a day and a half 90-100 mile bike adventure. Does all of this sound like a lot? It is.
B the way, a good barbecue brisket scent is beginning to waft from the kitchen.  They'll all be flying kites at this time tomorrow.