Remembering Paris With Collage

In late July, ES and I worked side-by-side at my dining room table, both of us immersed in making collages with paint and images and fabric. ES was convalescing from hip surgery and as he was painting at home, I asked if he could teach me something about acrylic paint and gels. I am used to painting with left-over latex house paint. I certainly don't have much technique or knowledge of what acrylic paint can do.
ES is a good teacher and I spent several days totally absorbed, mixing colors, applying gels, experimenting with brush strokes and then if it didn't work, covering it up and starting over. Subject matter for both of us was ostensibly Paris. I brought home a stack of vintage postcards from flea markets. I made copies of them and they served as ingredients for our work. I also used some of my own photos as in the collage below. The portraits in relief are taken from an intricately carved piano I saw at Les Arts Decoratifs. The vintage bras were displayed at a flea market.
ES and an artist friend who lives in Virginia are having a joint collage exhibition in Charlottesville in October. The gallery owner asked that I send a few collages too. Why not? I shipped seven off  yesterday. We'll fly there in early October for the opening and a visit.