Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogging Since 2003 - Who Knew?

Early this morning I found a listing of all six of my blogs. Some blogs I post in regularly. Some I've not posted on in years. Fun to reread my very first blog post, which I remember was written in a state of euphoria for Red Purse, on October 8, 2003. I'd just become acquainted with on-line blogs. My daughter Mary and I talked about the possibility of actually having one's own blog. 
The moment I wrote this first post, I knew I'd found my calling as 'blogger'. I believed it, because my chosen form of writing has always been the expository or personal essay. Blogging would be a natural forum for what I do.
That first post on Red Purse is titled "Signs of Life from a Closeted Blogger."  Click and readHere are a few words from this prophetic first posting:
"My youngest daughter tells me “A blog is perfect for you, Mom. You want to tell people all kinds of stuff...It is perfect for you.” And as she says it I feel the longing, the irresistible urge like a wave covering me in words and paragraphs and simile and narrative and memory and space and, I am sure, a life-long lack of grammatically parallel sentences. But that is another blog entry.
When does it begin? I am ready."
Spent an hour dipping into several of my blogs and found a few all-time favorite posts, some that mark life transitions, those that chronicle jobs and creative efforts and others that are filled with family. These blogs are me. 
Below I've listed a Baker's Dozen posts from Fleeting Stories and Rockbridge Times. I have not even perused Second Seating Houston and Artful Interventions 1002 Washington Avenue where I know there's much more.

Neutral, My Eye, 2006, Rockbridge Times
Freeform Necessity or Why I Crochet, 2006, Rockbridge Times
When Do We Howl In Our Own Green Zone, 2007, Rockbridge Times
Silbury Hill, 2007, Fleeting Stories
Second to the Last Day, 2007, Rockbridge Times
And What of Doris?, 2007, Rockbridge Times
Paul Newman On My Mind, 2008, Rockbridge Times
Text Your Heart Out, 2010, Rockbridge Times
Man In My Life, 2010, Rockbridge Times
Home Is In the Details, Perhaps?, 2011, Fleeting Stories
Assault on Women? Without a Doubt, 2011, Rockbridge Times

Happy reading.

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