Friday, September 28, 2012

Did I Really Think I Could Lift That?

I did a stupid thing this morning. I felt it was time to load the back of my car with all the old computers  and printers and CD burners that I've used since the early 1990s. They've been stored in the back of my closets for years. Now I am cleaning those closets. ES's friend Jay came for supper a week ago to take a look at all the wires and keyboards and hard drives.
After Jay rendered judgments, I carried my old 1993 cute little Macintosh Color Classic and my first Macintosh IIsi with original keyboard and a great many wires and connections to the front door. Jay carried the massively heavy computer screen I'd used with my Power G3 Mac in the early days of the 21st century. We got all of it in one place and ready to leave the house.

It was my intent this morning to get all of it into the back of my car and drive it somewhere out near Stafford TX where they will take old computers, scrub the hard drives and dispose of everything properly. Hurray! I lifted the big screen and it was far too heavy for me to raise more than a foot off the ground. I couldn't even maintain control of it, felt a wrench in my lower lack and I dropped the damn thing just outside the front door. My back wasn't having any of this job.  I felt totally stupid. How did I think I could lift the thing four feet into the back of my car, even if I managed to get it to the driveway?It will take weeks to recover from this wrenching.
How is that three times in the last decade I've picked up something way too heavy, pulled muscles in my back and then limped around in pain for weeks or months?
I've spent the day alternating ice packs and heating pads. Walking around the house like a 90 year old arthritic woman. It's not pretty and I hurt. Maybe I'll be off to the osteopath next week, if I can get in to see her?
So, somehow, I'll need to find someone(s) who can lift that thing into the back of my car  this weekend. On Monday I will drive miles to the other side of Houston to do my good deed of disposing of these old computers in a responsible manner. And my closets will be somewhat emptier. I still have many boxes of stuff to sort through, but the a 'clearing the clutter' process is underway. More of the ice packs, please.

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