Saturday, September 01, 2012

Labor Day Weekend in Seattle

It's a different sort of Labor Day weekend here in Seattle. My daughters are out of town with their families - that means all four grandchildren - spending these last days before the start of school on Whidby Island. Usually, when I'm here, each day is tightly scheduled as I travel from house to house. I visit with my 95 year old Dad at his adult family home, then stop by Jeanne's and Caroline's homes to see the kids. Afternoons are taken up with picnics and soccer practice, swim lessons and video games. Many evenings, I'd stop by my sister Kate's house and finally, return to that empty house on Arapahoe Place W where it was very quiet.
None of that this weekend, except for visits with Dad. My youngest daughter, Mary B, is here from Portland and we are both ensconced at Kate's house. There is no more Arapahoe house because we sold it this summer.  This morning Mary and I picked a basket of blackberries in Discovery Park. There is a bumper crop of blackberries this year and I've now got bowls of berries submerged in white vinegar. Tomorrow I'll buy cheese cloth and glass jars, strain the sodden berries and fill those jars with luscious blackberry vinegar. Will have the makings for terrific salad dressing.
Mary and I visited Dad and then bought vegetables and gluten free pasta at Magnolia's farmer's market before returning to Kate's for a sunny afternoon with little or nothing to do. The whole day spread out before us, which meant we've mostly shared a leisurely visit.
Denny's in the kitchen making his own sausage and a big beef roast has been slow cooking all day. Dinner and then early bed? Funny how slowing down allows tiredness to overtake one. All in all, this is a very different sort of Labor Day weekend.


I've been in Seattle since Monday and much of the week has followed the usual template of daily visits with family. Jeanne and the kids has been on Whidby Island all week, but Caroline, Steve, Lulu and Charlie were in town.

On Wednesday, I meandered through the Wallingford Farmer's Market and then met Caroline and thekids for to a picnic supper under Meredian Park's apple trees for Lulu's kindergarten classmates and parents.

Thursday evening, Charlie had soccer practice and I watched him maneuver that ball.  I've taken Dad to see friends at Merrill Gardens and on a drive through Magnolia and Freemont and Green Lake. Everyday the sun shines and the sky is blue. The moon was full last night. And to me, it's a bit chilly. Where is my fleece?

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