Thursday, September 06, 2012

Barack Obama: What Have You Done In 3+ Years?

It's always good to read a list of President Barack Obama's accomplishments in office. So often folks lose sight of his administrations achievements. Perhaps because they expected so much? Perhaps because we miss his truly stirring speeches that led us along his path? Perhaps because he hasn't tooted his own horn as much as he should? Doesn't it take hearing something at least seven times before we comprehend and remember? Or am I making that up? In any case, his forward moving accomplishments are often drowned out by our own busyness, continued underemployment and surely, by the fear and anger stoked by Republicans.

Today, Peter Baker writes in NYT, "(Obama)He keeps a list and argues that he has fulfilled most of his core accomplishments.  He pulled the country back from the economic abyss, rescued the auto industry, killed the world's top terrorist, withdrew troops from Iraq, imposed regulations on Wall Street, put two liberal justices on the supreme Court, signed a nuclear treaty with Russia and cut taxes for the middle class."

I think I will commit this list to memory so I can resay it to whomever I meet who doubts that anything at all has been achieved in the last 3 1/2 years. I can add to this list too. What about the game changing health care legislation, the Dream Act and the defense of gay marriage?

On with the day.

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