Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Very Good Day For Collage

Worked all afternoon on the floor of my studio. Amazingly collages are coming together. I've found a new way to work or rather, ES taught me how to use acrylic matte gel earlier this summer and at last, after twenty-five plus years I now have a way to pull together photos, fabrics, paper, whatever, in one piece. I've been affixing all of these things to small stretched canvasses, but I've been thinking of pulling out those 11 x 14 and 16 x 20 images on my favorite, no longer manufactured Kodak Polycontrast N surface paper and seeing how fabric adheres to that with a slather of gel.
I am very excited about this process. So far I like the results and if I don't, I have that familiar default of mine - when nothing works and everything is messed up, then cover as much of the piece as possible with metallic gold - spray or dust or acrylic paint. Works every time.
I've already sent seven collages to Charlottesville, Virginia, for that duo collage exhibition of ES and his friend Russ. Gallery owner wanted a few of mine too. Show opens in two weeks and we'll fly there for the weekend. Have I ever been in Virginia?
Here's how I began more collages yesterday. The floor is even messier today. I painted one canvas several times and it got worse and worse. I am not painter. So I applied the 'guild the collage' method and here's what developed. I think it works now. I still have to glue/secure with gel the images to the canvas. will do that tomorrow. The photograph of the two women in the garden is a print I made years ago from a glass negative. They remind me of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, don't you think? The whole collage looks like a patch of old wall paper.
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours affixing almost two dozen photos and bits of fabric to a 20 x 24 canvas that I'd covered with fabric the day before. A maze of images and pattern and again, I think it works. I've got just one more curly cut piece of fabric to glue/gel down in the center of the collage. By the way, a year or two ago Aggie gave me some remnants of hand dyed fabrics she used on several upholstered pieces and I used many of them in this collage.
And there are more. It was a very good day. And then there is tomorrow. And the next day after that.
And just below is one that needs gel to hold it all together. More canvases are waiting and yes, I am going to try collaging with fabric on those old Kodak black and white prints. Life is good.

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