Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No TV In The Waiting Room

Four women in pink hospital gowns are sitting with me in a small tight waiting room waiting for mammograms. They are silent and then one says to no one in particular, "There's no TV in here."
"No," one responds, "There's nothing to do."
"There's TV in the other waiting room."
They nod. I remember the first waiting room. Three women were actually commenting on each segment of the KHOU noon news. They seemed engaged.
In this second waiting room, a woman looks at me and says, "You brought a book to read."
"I take a book everywhere I go," I say, "That way I always have something to do."
I assume that the women sitting beside me are probably not readers.
I see that they do not have one thing to occupy them.
Again, I am amazed that people don't amuse themselves by simply closing their eyes and thinking. Is this elitist or just creative?

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