Friday, August 10, 2012

Mom's and Kelan's Birthdays

Today is Mom's birthday. She would would have been 95, had she lived two more years. Today is also my grandson Kelan's birthday. Eight years ago, Mom and Dad and I celebrated her day with a birthday lunch before I left for the hospital to be on hand for Kelan's birth. This first born child of Jeanne and Dan McGrady was named Kelan Bain, 'the Bain' being Mom's maiden name. So my Mom and a grandson share names and birthdays.
At the time, Mom and Dad were living in their own home in Seattle. My siblings and I had not yet begun the painful years of moving our parents from their house to a senior living center and then to adult family homes, one after the other until we found the 'right' one for them both. Kelan is now what Mom might call 'a strapping young boy', full of good health and enthusiasms.
I called Kelan this afternoon to wish him happy birthday. He asked, "When are you coming to Seattle?" and "Where will be go for my birthday excursion?"
"Think about what you'd like to do, Kelan," I said, "and when I see you, we can decide together. Have a happy day."
Yesterday, I found myself in a doctor's office. As I waited in an examining room, I noticed my reflection in the mirror on the back of the door, seated with my legs crossed and a hand draped over my knee. My hand looked exactly like Mom's hands. Our hands are the same. My fingers curved just like hers as she lay dying. I remembered her birthday and cried.
She and Kelan, the strapping young boy, will be ever connected by birth date and a name.

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