Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday @ Apple Again

Last Friday, I spent two and a half hours at the Memorial City Apple store, in an attempt to confirm that I'd truly backed up just over 70 GB of photos on an auxiliary hard drive. I need to delete these 70+ GB of photos from my laptop, because I keep getting a message that I am low on available disc space. And there is no room to download all those photos of Paris. They are waiting on my iPad and iPhone.
Sounds like it would be a simple thing to confirm a back up. I brought my extra hard drive and plugged it in, but the young Apple 'one-on-one' woman said there was something weird about that earlier backup. So, she and I spent well over an hour 're-backing up' the same 70+ GB. I left the Apple store with the intention of confirming what we'd done at home.
But last night when I tried to see if those many photos were accessible on that secondary hard drive, nothing happened. I don't dare delete the originals. Yet. Instead, I made another one-on-one appointment for noon today.
Now, I've used my thirty minutes of one-on-one fruitlessly trying to confirm what I know is on that other hard drive. Finally the young (they are ALL young) man suggested I buy a GDrive with 750 GB capacity. It plugs into a different port on my laptop and works a lot faster. I bought it immediately and we set it up to copy and store, for the third time, the elusive 70+ GB.
So, here I am at 2:45 p.m. and into my third hour here, transferring the 70+ GB to the new device. This backup is important to me. It's a visual journal of my life for the last six to eight months. Trips to New Orleans, Terlingua, Oxford, Seattle. Days spent with ES, with friends, at public events. Days spent in my studio, home, garden. I don't want to forfeit any of it.
I sit here in this very busy, noisy store waiting for thousands of photos to find their way to a device just a bit bigger than my iPhone.

I've made another appointment yet for Tuesday evening, because now I've found out that we've been moving the pictures as one large library and to access even one image from any secondary device, the entire 'library' must move back on to my laptop. There's no room for it, because I've not deleted the originals. Total Catch-22.  I am sure to hear from my eldest daughter about this situation.
I am on hold with the Paris photos. They will stay on my iPad and iPhone. Waiting. Waiting.
Obviously, the lesson here is to back up work every few days.

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Sharon said...

Your posts from Paris are amazing. We took the iPad with us to Seattle but I used it just to check email and blogs and to post on FaceBook. You did well to get so much documented, and you are smart to make sure the back-up is secure. It will be worth the investment of time in the long run.