Rayondor-Baggage and Boulanger Patissier

The day was not finished when we left Les Arts Decoratifs after 5:00 this afternoon. I've been feeling the need for an extra suitcase in which to cart all the stuff I've acquired in Paris. This morning, we asked advice from the young woman at our neighborhood Morracan shop where we might find the luggage I see folks lugging on Metro every day. She advised going to the Republique station and taking a left hand turn when we got to the top of the stairs. Rayondor-Baggages was within a block of the Metro stop.

The shop had thousands of pieces of luggage. All colors, all sizes. I can say the same for the customers. It was mobbed. How can that many people all need luggage at the same time? I chose a carry-on with wheels from the display outside the shop and then had to leave it with a sales clerk who handed me a slip of paper to take to a cashier at the very back of the store. There was a long line, but the cashier was efficient and it took fewer than ten minutes to have a paid receipt in hand. It took longer to make my way back to the front of the shop. Wall to wall people and luggage.
On the way, I saw some incredible gold luggage with a kind of overall geometric pattern. Imagine getting on a United flight with such a piece of luggage. Wish I had the nerve. I can wear almost anything, but who in the world would spring for cheap gold luggage that looks like a carved gold-leafed column?
Aggie was waiting for me on the curb and as I exited with my carry-on, I saw that it's a deep purple, not the sedate navy blue I'd thought it to be. It'll do. We walked only a few steps when we saw Boulanger Patissier and we decided we'd find out supper there. Pastries were gorgeous and we each choose one and then added in two small quiches and a round loaf of bread filled with figs. Does all this sound really good? As we stood in line, again, to pay for our purchases, I looked up at the ceiling which was certainly the inspiration for many of the pastries. Wouldn't you say?
On our way back to the Metro station, we passed a street vendor making roasted corn. Smelled wonderful. Down the stairs again and within fifteen minutes, we were back on 'our' street with a short block-long walk to 'our' apartment. Soft rain falling the entire afternoon, so our umbrellas were in hand. Umbrellas, luggage, large handbags, iPhone stowed in my bra. Lots of accroutrements. Another day in Paris.
(I did not write this post on the blogger.com app for iPads, so I cannot add images. Will publish and attempt to go back in and add photos later. There is a lot to see. Obviously, I can't seem to copy and paste this post into the proper place either. Blogging on my iPad is still somewhat of a mystery.)