Paris Friday

Soft rains and strong winds did not dampen our day, which began at 1:00 when we took Metro to the Tuileries sortie and ended up at La Cordonnerie on rue de Roche. Indeed. We had a city full of eateries from which to choose, yet there we were standing at the door of this tiny, wonderful restaurant, all filled with expectation. We couldn't help ourselves after eating dinner there last evening. We had no reservations, but the chef motioned us in to the same table directly across from his open kitchen. He made luncheon suggestions and we, of course, said yes, yes.
We watched as he tossed an arugula salad, then topped it with several boiled shrimp and added a cup sized portion of shrimp mousse to each plate. Extraordinary. He offered two entrees. Aggie decided upon slices of duck breast, browned quickly in a hot skillet and topped with a very green parsley sauce. I choose a pan fried fish fillet seasoned with rosemary.

Once again, we were transported by this chef and decided we must have his bananas flambe with espresso for dessert. We savored our second meal prepared with spare elegance. The man doesn't waste a motion. Loved watching him slice a purple onion, slice fat off a thick steak, throw a handful of sugar into a hot pan to caramelize.

Happy and most content, we left La Cordonnerie after 3:00 and meandered on to Les Arts Decoratifs, where we paid our entry fee of 9.50 Euros and wandered through decorative objects, furniture and metal work from the 17th century through the 1940s.

Then, weary and on total visual overload, we left without seeing the remainder of the 20th century. How could we?

Aggie says she's heated our quiches, so I'll write more later. We had one more adventure today on the way back to our apartment. And that was our trip to the luggage shop.