Sunday, July 01, 2012

Little Pink Glitter Shoes

Well, I never found Emma Camfield-Heitman's little white Mary Jane shoes. And this disappointed me terribly until I thought about Lulu Bell's little bright pink glitter ballerina flats we bought on Harwin Drive last March. Lulu wears them in Seattle every day and I knew it might be hard for her to part with them. Also knew that if Mameau was taking them to Paris, she might say yes.
Well, Lulu agreed to have her pink shoes photographed in Paris and Caroline sent them overnight Fed Ex. They are now tucked into my carry-on. And there will be another stream of narrative on this magical journey.
Lauren Grace and Kelan and Charlie, I am still figuring out your Paris stories. Your mamas sent me your clothes and shoe sizes. Something will come of that.
Love to all. Still waiting for a delayed plane. Houston weather diverted it to Atlanta. More time to blog.

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