John and Kate and I spent the evening at the kitchen table sorting through a stack of Mom and Dad's papers. Discovered almost 20 years of IRS files, a three page typewritten synopsis of Mom's experience of WWII that included information about Pearl Harbor, her students going off to war and never returning, D-Day and my brother John's birth in July 1945. It's quite a saga and was something I'd never seen before. We also found the original 1969 invoice for the rosewood bookcases ordered from Norway. Also a file from Dad's school with a list of teachers for every year he was there as principal. Page after page of teachers names and when they arrived and when they left their classrooms for marriage. Dad will enjoy taking a look at this list.
We shut down operations for the night at 10:00 p.m. and here I am still puttering around with this blog post. Off to bed. It is too late to be yawning over Rockbridge Times.
Just imagine the magnitude of all this stuff. John is overwhelmed. Kate and I are a bit more used to the volume of banal greeting cards and random papers. We have to look at everything, because there are gems in the middle of each pile. We are doing our job, Mom. We are doing a very good job.


Sharon said…
I made the most of my time while I was in Seattle, staying up late by their time each night and getting up early each morning. It worked great while I was there but I came home to the East Coast time zone a very tired traveler.