Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Hat For Giverny

Today ES painted a canvas hat for me to wear to Giverny and wherever else, while on my trip to Paris and environs. I love the hat I bought in Big Bend in January, but I didn’t really want to take a taupe hat to Paris. 
So, a week ago I looked on line to see if the hat was made in white. Thought it could be used as a canvas. And ES would be the painter and perhaps channel the spirit of Monet. Or more like it, introduce himself to Monet with a painted hat.
A brimmed white hat arrived in the mail two days ago, just in time for a weekend day in ES's studio.
I told ES that I envisioned scraps of flower printed fabric mixed with his dotting and stripes. I spent the day with him while he painted this hat, offering plenty of advice.  
Many more dots, lots more color, some stripes under the brim to toughen it up. Make it like a painting.
I suspect this hat may be worn not only a Giverny, but at Versailles, the Tuileries and Paris flea markets too. The man did it. This hat is goregous.

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