Monday, June 18, 2012

A Drawer Full of Bibles

Two days ago when Mary B and Queta were dismantling the rosewood bookcases to wrap and load in their U-Haul, we found a drawer that Kate and I had not emptied.  It was chock full of Bibles that belonged to Mom and her parents, Reverend James A. Bain and his wife, Della Hawn Bain. And in among the bibles was a copy of E.B. White and William Strunk's "The Elements of Style," that must have grammar and  English usage book. It had Dad's name in it.

Kate picked it up and said, "This is our bible."
She's right. Each of us had to buy a copy of 'The Elements of Style' for freshman English at Cornell University. I still refer to it and apparently, so does she. And so did Dad. If you want to know how to say or write something properly and 'with style,' this book is a readable must. By the way, E. B. White is a Cornell graduate and is the author of that well loved children's book, "Charlotte's Web."
Mary B immediately held out her hand and asked if she could have Dad's copy. It went with her to Portland, along with the Gero stainless flatware.
As a family of wordsmiths, I have to agree with Kate, "This is our bible." Somebody stored it away in the right drawer.

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