Saturday, June 09, 2012

Morning One In Seattle

There are so any ways I can write about this first day in Seattle. I'll begin with the morning, because lots happened, lots of little things that eat up time and don't, as Cindy used to say, "move the meter"one whit.
I unlocked the garage at 8:00 a.m., intending a grocery store stop to buy fruit and vegetables and maybe a piece of that fresh Alaskan halibut that I absolutely gorged on in April. After shopping, I planned to dash to the airport to talk with United Airlines Lost and Found. I left my scarf on the plane last night and had little confidence in their on-line 'lost item' form that I filled out before falling into bed. I bought that scarf in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I love it, I wear it often and I didn't like United's message that they would try their best to locate the lost item, but with such a volume of mislaid belongings, it might never be seen again. Or words to that effect. Of course, I was going back to the airport.

After that, I planned to meet with Jeanne's friend, "the organizer and disperser of family possessions". Kate and I need help clearing out the house this week. As a for instance, the pantry, bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets need to be emptied. How about dealing with stuff in the garage? That would include the task of buying kitty litter and dumping it into those latex paint cans to absorb any remaining paint. And that is just a beginning of what we need to be doing.
Long story short, at 8:00 a.m., I unplugged the cable that attaches to the car's battery to keep a charge when no one is here to take the car for a daily spin. Turned the key in the ignition and heard sputtering sounds. The cable hadn't done the job.
So, what was my default? I called John, who talked me through the process of pulling the battery charger off a shelf and hooking clamps on + and - electrodes.
"Let me know when you see a green light," John tells me and then he laments that there are three male family members in Seattle and yet, he, who is in Houston, is the one guiding me through a battery charging process. I don't respond to his gender biased statement. I just want to be reminded of what steps to take to make the car run.
It doesn't take that long before the engine is indeed running. Many thanks to John. However, I decide to drive over to Carter Volkswagen in Ballard, just to be sure about that battery before I head to the airport. There is not a soul to talk to until 9:00, so I wait with the car running until technicians begin their Saturday workday. I am assured that the battery is just fine.
With that news, I turn off the engine at Ballard Market and stock up on red raspberries, Chinese cabbage and, not Alaskan halibut, but fresh cod. I buy a couple of bananas for my breakfast on the run.
Sea-Tac is next. The drive is direct and the parking is easy. At the baggage claim desk, I am told that Lost and Found is not open on Saturdays.
"Well," I say, "I am here right now. My flight number was 1017, my seat was 14C and my scarf is an animal print in shades of brown." I do not mention the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
I do continue to stand at the counter expectantly. It works. The young lady says she will take a look and she vanishes into a restricted area. I watch the door and moments later, she returns with my scarf. I am really happy that I drove back to the airport. Only 12 minutes in the parking garage and by heaven, there is no charge.
I call to say I will be back at the house in thirty minutes, drive away from Sea-Tac with confidence, but find myself on I-5. Not the highway I wanted. At least, I am traveling north and I see the Seattle skyline. There is a promising exit sign and I follow it, thinking it will lead to the more local road I took to the airport. But, I am suddenly in Boeing land and spend fifteen minutes retracing my way back to

The Seattle Center exit is backed up for half a mile, so I choose to continue north to UW. Much further north than I need to be travelling. And then I navigate west to Magnolia. A long and scenic 45 minute return trip. I call to say I'm terribly delayed. The good news is that my Grand Bazaar scarf is on the seat beside me. And I have red raspberries to munch on.
This was my morning. A battery recharged, a stop for fruit and vegetables and fresh cod, a scarf retrieved and a decidedly round-about drive from Sea-Tac to Magnolia.
It has taken me forever to draft this post, because I have used my iPad as practice for that July trip to Paris. The time it's taken has been interminable and I may decide to lug my laptop in July. Far easier to write and rewrite on a laptop, as I am wont to do. I don't think iPads are made for writing and rephrasing and rewriting again. Or maybe I write everything longhand in notebooks with heavy textured paper? Dash off picturesque sentences in the moment? We'll see. I digress here.
Another post tomorrow about my afternoon with Dad, dear sweet Dad, and then my early evening walk in Discovery Park with golden light and changing skies.
In the morning, Dad and I will got to church. I'm committed for the next two Sundays. He loves to go to church, even though he can't hear a word that's said. He does hear the music and sees a few friends and that seems to be enough.
Off to bed. It happens to be midnight Seattle time.

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Sharon said...

When I first read this post I was using an iPad...while visiting Seattle! I nodded my head in agreement but didn't leave a comment because I was having the same issues with my iPad:) I am so glad you retrieved your scarf. I was in the city for a brief time for my son's graduation from graduate school. A lovely city ~ my husband and I will be visiting for three days in July and I look forward to seeing more of it.