Today Is A Good Day

Not only are my magnolia trees in bloom, but good things hapened today. For almost two months, I've been eating very differently. Finally, I took my known food sensitivites seriously. In the last year, patch tests, blood tests and hair tests have shown me to be sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, brewer's yeast and rice.There are other things, but these are the foods that tip the scale. So I stopped eating them, stopped drinking coffee too and have only sips of wine from time to time.
Well, this morning I discovered that I now weigh 125 pounds, which is what I weighed for approximately 20 years before that tenure of mine as president of the Greater East End Management District. Don't know if it was the demands of that job or simply getting older with each passing year, but 10 extra pounds came out of 'nowhere'. And seemed to stay, until I deleted offending foods from my diet.
I cook a lot more now. It's hard to eat out as there are few dishes that are simply meat and vegetables. I have eaten more kate and cabbage more different ways in the last months than every before in my life.
My reward, other than simply that of eating kale, cabbage and lots of other green vegetables, is that now I weigh 125 pounds. I can wear eight strange and wonderfully designed skirts that I'd shoved to the back of my closet.  Got them all out this morning and tried them on. They fit. I have a new wardrobe.
And that is just the first good thing that happened today. Besides blooming magnolias. The second good thing is that I have a new primary care doctor for the first time in several years. I gave up on the doctor I had. She never seemed to hear me or imagine anything problematic with my gut except fat. Fat? Food sensitivites aren't fat. It took a roundabout way through allergists and dermotologists to get testing done. It took more itching burning skin and a steriod shot or two or three to make me give up ripe cheese, Vietnamese sandwiches, pad thai, peach ice cream, migas a la Mexicana, flan, bagels. The list goes on. I miss all of these foods. Of course. Wearing those skirts may make up for it.
For the time being.
More good news? Well, the coralita vine and ginger are flowering in my back garden, I've eaten two delicious packages of frozen mango chucks this evening as I watched Miss Potter, the 2006 film with Renee Zellweger. What a story of talent and perseverance, love and tragedy and finally fame and philanthropy.

So, I'll publish this post and be off to bed. Another good thing about today is knowing that tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing to do but write. I could disperse a few piles from counters and tables, but other than that?  Write.
And perhaps wear a skirt.