Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Terlingua: Light and Shared Space

In the interest of accomplishing something that produces a tangible result, I went on-line yesterday afternoon to complete a picture book I began days after ES and I returned from our second trip to Terlingua, that odd and tiny town in far West Texas with a small canyon running through it.

Terlingua is close to Big Bend and the small stone casita where we stay has a 180 degree view of the Chisos Mountains and environs.
By mid-evening, the book looked 'almost done'. Today, I'll take another look at it. If it reads well, I'll push the button to publish.
Here's a picture of me in Terlingua, messing with my new iPad, a Christmas gift from ES. And the hat? I found it at the Big Bend store. Who could resist it? It's the first hat in decades that looks decent on my head. And the fabric is like a sunblock and the brim turns every which way.
And on my afternoon schedule? Begin to clean out my studio. It's become a storage unit and needs total reorganization. Maybe I'll even throw out or give some things away. It is totally overrun and not at all conducive to making anything.

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