My Apple Laptop Becomes a Lion. Maybe.

Well, isn't technology grand? I was gifted with an iPad at Christmas and my eldest daughter Caroline set me up, with the caveat that I needed to get to an Apple store at once to get updates that would allow my iPad to sync with my laptop and iPhone. I delayed, citing busy days and evenings, but a week ago I reached an impasse. My iPad appeared to be on overload and at this moment, I cannot remember precisely what was wrong, but I spent time at the Memorial City Apple store and ended up trading in my iPhone for the latest version which will more properly sync with my iPad. I also bought a new one year One-On-One certificate.
Short story? I love my new iPhone. It rocks. But, as for syncing it and the iPad with my laptop? Double trouble because I'd never upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard and then to Lion. There'd be no syncing of all three of these incredible devices until my laptop became a Lion. And the first step to Lion was that upgrade to Snow Leopard. I was so behind that the only way I could acquire Snow Leopard was to have it delivered to my doorstep via FedEx.
So, with a Snow Leopard disc in hand, I ventured out last Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. to the Highland Village Apple store. By the way, I've found that Apple staff are uniformly helpful and willing to stay engaged until an issue is resolved. And if I am assigned someone relatively inexperienced in solving a particular issue, there is always a more experienced mentor who will step in.
I took my auxiliary HD so we could make sure I'd backed up all documents and photos, apps and random information and then we began the process of updating to Snow Leopard. "It would take awhile," they said. I wanted this whole business over with if it took all day so I sat with my iPad while my laptop uploaded a whole new system. The two Genius guys looked on and from time to time would hit keys to forward the process. Around 2:00 p.m., we were ready to upgrade to Lion.

I continued to people watch the Mother's Day crowd and continued to check in on Facebook and explore blogs on Paris. At 3:20 p.m., exactly four hours and twenty minutes of hanging out on a stool at the Apple store, Lion was installed and my three devices appeared to be synched. It was a marathon. And I haven't even written about the scanvager hunt for my Apple user name and password.
But, you know, it's never over if you don't really have an overall grasp of the technilogical 'how and why'. In San Antonio, I could not log on to the Internet from mh iPad. No data storage left, it said. I could only log on using my hostess's wireless.
Last night, I made a Genius Bar appointment and it turns out that in the interest of time, I signed up with AT&T for a higher level of service. I thought that Caroline had already signed me up for a higher than average level of service -but to find out, I have to log on to my bank account records and see what've I've been paying for the last five months. The deveil is in the details as usual.
At last, I think I am home free and retire to my screenporch with my Lion laptop. I click on a word doc. And another. And another. The message displayed:
You can't open the application Microsoft Word 
because Power PC applications are no longer supported.
This is serious. I call an Apple HELP 877 phone number, but the guy on the line (who I am sure is in India and who, from the background conversations I hear, is sitting with hundreds of others, all taking calls like mine) asks too many personal questions: my phone number, my zip code. I balked at answering what state I live in and asked if his services had a fee. They did and I realized I'd not reached Apple, but some sort of independent help line. I hung up and looked again for Apple phone HELP. Read their fine print and discovered Apple charges a fee for phone service too. 
So, back to the Highland Village Apple store page where I tried to sign up for a One-on-One session. Well, it appears that I am not yet registered for this year long service, even though I purchased the privilege two weeks ago and have my receipt for same. My only choice was to return to the Genius Bar Tomorrow at noon, I will again be sitting on one of those high stools waiting to find out why I cannot open one single word document with this mighty Lion upgrade. I'll take my axilliary HD with me, just in case I have to download hundreds of documents and scrap the unopenable ones.
Technology sounds terrific, but you know something?  I've lost almost eight hours of writing time in the last ten days and I am way behind in transcribing those words that are running through my head. An IBM Selectric might not be a bad idea. Does anyone remember what that was?